Is Johannesburg the best place to find affordable used cars

Is Johannesburg the best place to find affordable used cars

Is Johannesburg the best place to find affordable used cars

Johannesburg, as South Africa’s economic hub, boasts a large and active used car market. But does this automatically make it the absolute best place to find a budget-friendly car? Let’s explore the factors that could make Johannesburg either ideal, or simply one of several good options, for your used car search.

Buying a used Car in Johannesburg

Pros: Why Johannesburg Stands Out

  • Vast Selection: The sheer size of Johannesburg’s market means there’s a massive number of used vehicles for sale. This diverse selection increases your chances of finding the specific car you want at the right price point.
  • Competitive Prices: With many dealerships and private sellers operating in close proximity, prices in Johannesburg tend to be competitive. This environment puts pressure on sellers to offer attractive deals.
  • Variety of Dealerships: Johannesburg offers a broad mix of dealerships. You’ll find those representing major brands, independent used car lots, and even smaller specialists focusing on specific vehicle types.

Cons: Things to Consider

  • Condition Varies: In a large market, not all cars are equal. It’s crucial to thoroughly inspect any used car you consider in Johannesburg, just as you would anywhere else. Don’t let bargain prices blind you to potential problems.
  • Scams Happen: Unfortunately, as with any major city, car buying scams do exist in Johannesburg. Always proceed with caution, especially with deals that seem too good to be true.
  • Other Cities Compete: While Johannesburg shines with selection and pricing, cities like Pretoria, Durban, and Cape Town also have thriving used car markets. It’s worth comparing their offerings too.

Stats Proving Johannesburg’s Automotive Dominance

  • It’s estimated that Johannesburg is home to nearly 40% of South Africa’s car dealerships, putting it far ahead of any other city.
  • Several major car manufacturers maintain large distribution centers within the Johannesburg area, ensuring a steady supply of popular models.
  • Large platforms specializing in used vehicles, like WeBuyCars, have an expansive presence in Johannesburg, highlighting the vast second-hand market.

Comparison to Other Provinces

Although provinces like the Western Cape (Cape Town) and KwaZulu-Natal (Durban) have car markets, Johannesburg offers these distinct advantages:

  • The extraordinary density of dealerships offers the highest potential for price comparison within a shorter travel radius.
  • Being located near major automotive industry hubs bolsters the supply of newer models.


Johannesburg truly can be an excellent place to find an affordable used car. Its size, competition, and diversity work in your favor. However, remember to shop smartly, exercise caution, and consider alternatives in other locations as well.

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