Code of Advertising Practice

Code Of Advertising Practice for Johannesburg Pretoria Cars

At Johannesburg Pretoria Cars, we collaborate with advertising partners who may employ various data collection methods (detailed in our Privacy Policy) to tailor, analyze, research, and report advertising for both us and other businesses. We may also function as an advertising network ourselves, utilizing data collected through diverse technologies while you’re on our site or other platforms where we operate as a third party. This data collection occurs both on our site and on third-party websites and mobile applications, enabling us and our partners to provide targeted advertising, enhance marketing strategies, and assess their effectiveness. Advertising networks may also leverage this data to determine or predict audience characteristics and preferences, as well as measure advertising performance, all in line with their respective privacy policies.

We never share information that directly identifies individuals (like names or addresses) with advertising networks when you interact with or view a personalized ad. However, advertisers may infer your interest in the ad’s subject matter based on your interaction or view.

Some companies openly disclose their use of interest-based advertising programs on our site to deliver third-party ads or gather information about your visit for these purposes, and they offer you the option to opt out of this data usage. You might notice an icon in or around third-party ads on our site that utilize interest-based advertising programs, as well as on pages where data is collected for this purpose. Clicking on this icon will provide more details about the companies and data practices involved in delivering the ad.

We, our third-party service providers, advertising networks, dealerships, and/or advertisers on our site also employ various data technologies, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

For further information on how Johannesburg Pretoria Cars collects and uses information, please review our Privacy Policy.

Johannesburg Pretoria Cars is dedicated to upholding ethical and responsible advertising principles when it comes to third-party advertisers on our site.

We are committed to investigating and removing any suspected hateful speech, misinformation, or discrimination of any kind.

Our internal code aligns with that of the Advertising Regulatory Board and can be found here.


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