Bajaj Qute for Bolt: 10 Things You Need to Know

Bajaj Qute for Bolt: 10 Things You Need to Know

Bajaj Qute for Bolt: 10 Things You Need to Know

Bajaj Qute, resembling an Indian quadricycle with four-wheel auto rickshaw features, is valued for its fuel efficiency and urban appeal. Originally known as the RE60, it was launched as the Qute in 2015 and has gained popularity for its economical advantages. It’s a favored choice for urban travel and has found its way to international markets such as South Africa, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

10 Pros and Cons of Bajaj Qute for Bolt


  • Affordability: Starting at R75 000 in South Africa, Bajaj Qute is budget-friendly.
  • Fuel Efficiency: With claimed economies of 35 kmpl on petrol and 43 km/kg in CNG, it offers significant fuel savings.
  • Compact Maneuverability: Its compact size makes it ideal for navigating tight city spaces.
  • Easy to Drive: A user-friendly option for both novice and experienced drivers.
  • Regular License Use: It can be driven with a regular license, eliminating the need for a commercial license.
  • Short-Distance Travel: Suited for short trips within urban areas.
  • Commercial Use: Suitable for ride-hailing and delivery services.
  • Reliability: Known for durability and reliability.
  • After-Sales Service: Supported by Bajaj’s robust after-sales service network.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Running on both petrol and CNG, it’s an eco-friendly choice.


  • Limited Speed: A top speed of 70 km/h can be restricting on highways.
  • Seating Capacity: Accommodating only four people, it may not suit larger families.
  • Off-Road Unsuitability: Not designed for off-road terrains.
  • Crash Safety: Smaller size might compromise safety in collisions.
  • Legal Classification: Some countries don’t classify it as a car, affecting benefits.
  • Long Journey Comfort: Not the most comfortable option for extended trips.
  • Disability Compatibility: May lack features for individuals with disabilities.
  • Large Family Fit: Limited seating may not suit bigger families.
  • Luggage Space: The small boot might not suffice for those needing ample storage.
  • Cold Climate Suitability: Absence of a heater might not suit cold climates.

Overall, Bajaj Qute is a good option for budget-conscious individuals seeking a fuel-efficient vehicle designed for city driving. However, evaluating the pros and cons is crucial before finalizing a purchase.

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Bajaj Qute Specifications

Bajaj Qute specifications include:

  • Powered by a 216.6cc, liquid-cooled DTS-i engine compatible with petrol or CNG.
  • Claimed fuel economy of 35 kmpl on petrol and 43 km/kg in CNG.
  • Maximum speed of 70 km/h.
  • Seating capacity for 4 individuals.
  • Dimensions: Length – 2.8 meters, Width – 1.3 meters, Height – 1.5 meters.
  • Turning radius of 3.5 meters.
  • Boot space of 20 liters.
  • Classified as a quadricycle in India, offering distinct tax and regulation benefits compared to cars.
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Comparison Between Bajaj Qute and Tata Nano for Bolt

FeatureBajaj QuteTata Nano
Engine216.6cc, liquid-cooled DTS-i624cc, 2-cylinder petrol
Fuel Economy35 kmpl on petrol and 43 km/kg in CNG25.4 kmpl on petrol
Top Speed70 km/h105 km/h
Seating Capacity44
Safety FeaturesABS, dual airbagsNone
Warranty2 years/20,000 km2 years/24,000 km

FAQ – Bajaj Qute and Tata Nano

Is Bajaj Qute available in South Africa?

Yes, Bajaj Qute is available in South Africa through Johannesburg Pretoria Cars. The starting price for this model is R75,000.

What is the pricing of Bajaj Qute?

Johannesburg Pretoria Cars offers the Bajaj Qute at an initial price of R75,000 in South Africa. Prices may vary based on the chosen trim level and additional options.

What is the top speed of Bajaj Qute?

Bajaj Qute has a maximum speed of 70 km/h.

Is Bajaj Qute considered reliable?

Certainly, Bajaj Qute is renowned for its reliability. Recognized for its durability and positive customer satisfaction, it’s a trusted choice available at Johannesburg Pretoria Cars.

How about the safety of Bajaj Qute?

While Bajaj Qute offers practical urban transportation, it’s essential to note that its safety rating is moderate, and it lacks an array of safety components. It’s important to consider that the Qute is classified as a quadricycle, adhering to distinct safety standards compared to conventional cars.

Can you compare Bajaj Qute and the Tata Nano?

Bajaj Qute and Tata Nano are both sought-after compact vehicles in India, each with distinctive features. Bajaj Qute excels in fuel efficiency and speed, while the Tata Nano offers a more robust engine and increased seating capacity. Bajaj Qute presents superior safety features, while the Tata Nano holds an advantage in terms of pricing. Your ultimate decision should be based on your specific requirements and budget considerations.

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